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Narat klimthong

12:00 hrs

16 May 2023


Anthony Plog

Postcards trumpet solo

Alexander Arutiunian

Concerto in A-flat major

Johann Baptist Georg Neruda
Concerto in E-flat for Trumpet and Strings



Narat Klimthong (Trumpet)


This project is caused by suspicion of what happened in the past and is still present that that thing that happened in the past, when the day was passed, is it still the same? At present, do you still have the same idea or feeling about that thing?


It is a work that wants to show the connection between the ideas of people today and those of the past.

For example, how did Anthony's plog (1970) interpret Baroque music like Neruda's (1700) play, Cadenza, or how did he interpret it? How do you play and when I come to play Anthony Plog's songs or songs that are popular at that time, how do I interpret their songs?

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