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The purpose of life

Phumthana Mu

15:00 hrs

1 May 2022



Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major Op.35 Movement 1

Phumthana Mu The Purpose of Life Composition



Phumthana Mu, Violin

Pingka Sirisujinte Collaborative, Pianist


“The Purpose of Life” my Senior Recital project is a sequel to the “Classical Soundscape” project I worked on last year. Following the theme of journey and initiation, I want to explore the theme of quest for truth and discovery.


For you, what is the purpose of living?

I believe everyone has a purpose or purpose in life. Each one of us has a different goal we must identify.. But often,we don't know what the purpose of our life is. So we have to set off to some unknown place to find the answer. Traveling doesn't always involve a long drive or journeying to different places. Sometimes we travel through thoughts and imagination. We get to know ourselves.


Traveling to different places has helped me know myself better. It made me realize the purpose and purpose of my own life. Living in today's world is sometimes boring and repetitive. Modern society has made everything fa ster. Technology has evolved and society has hastened everything.

In this project I want to celebrate the idea of journey and discovery, looking at various recurring themes that appear in the big stories of life, from ancient literary novels to modern popular culture items, from books to movies and of course through music.

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