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The twilight zone

Jedsada Saephu

21:00 hrs

20 May 2022




Violin soanata No.5 in F Major, Op.24, I. Allegro


Ballade No.2 in F Major


Rhapsody in Blue





Jedsada Saephu, Piano

Peampol Rojanasumapong, Violin


After researching various types of visual arts photography and, film from the 20th century I realized that most artists were trying to tear themselves away from the established traditional frameworks Artists began to oppose themselves to the political and artistic authority thatcontrolled them and question the validity of the old aesthetics They realized that Art could be used as a weapon to drive the revolution and initiate cultural changes Avant Garde, Dada and Surrealism were some of the dominant movements of the early 2oth influencing the way people perceived the world Does art have to be like this or not? Can it present a different view of the world Through this research, I also came across the Japanese art form called Butoh.

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