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Anupon Cheychum



Luminosisty - Tomasz golinski

asventuras - alexej Gerassimez

Octabone - Adi Morag


This factor affects in the way of life, so humans have been developing the skill to improve the mistake. It has three objects. That importance for the human.

1.Behavior (พฤติสัมพันธ์)

is the action that human present usually it will happen with the environment physical effect.

2.Knowledge (ปัญญา)

when we have a relationship with other people we should use the knowledge for conversation. And if you have knowledge you have a skill to improve your life.

3. Mind and heart (จิตใจ)

this is the other thing that very importance, Human have many moods in one person example Love, hate, Angry, Respect, sad and good intention all of this is Mind and heart that all of human use to have







Anupon Cheychum, Marimba

Kodchakorn Chantana, Marimba

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