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Khongchai greesuradej



Korngold Violin Concerto in D major complete

Ysaye Violin Sonata No. 2 Complete

A number of original compositions hosted on the website and mobile app.


Music and science had most likely begun at the same point, the very dawn of human civilization. Music keeps a culture alive and science pushes it forward. However, in the past, there has never been any moment as exciting as it is for science right now. With private companies rushing to get to Mars and with NASA planning on establishing a base on the Moon, we are certainly on our ways to becoming a true interplanetary civilization. Seeing so, rather than building a project around celestial bodies than light-years away – we have never even seen what they look like – I see it fitting that we scale the size of our focus down to the planets within our solar system to focus more tangible, reachable targets; something that we can easily relate to.


This project can be seen as a story-telling project that leverages available tools in the 21st century to supplement the narrative. And by doing so, I hope to show that science and art are both ways which humans use to understand their relationship with the world. Each planet will be given its own story, music, and descriptions that are carefully constructed around the idea of the relationship between humanity and that particular planet. In the end, this project will have three final results: a 5.1 system installation, an app that people can download and experience binaurally and a fixed media; a set of 10-minute long atmospheric, spatial audio sound; a more organized and planned version of the previous two.


Khongchai Greesuradej, Violin + orchestral backing track



Main Program

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