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Selina Jones



1) Sergei Rachmaninoff - Prelude in G minor op.23 no.5

2) Felix Mendelssohn - Caprices op. 33 no. 1

3) Samuel Barber - Excursions op. 20

4) Lutoslawski - Paganini variations for two piano.


Electricity is fundamental to the functioning of modern society, this invisible energy flows through the veins of our modernised civilisations. We have integrated electricity in all aspects of our lives, our entire world is organised around it.

After a lot of research into this matter I am inspired to rearrange the original acoustic piano music in to electronic style using the idea of 'electricity is life'.

Due to Covid-19 situation, this recital will be uploaded on my wixsite page.

One page will be the standard piano recital and the next page will be the rearranged electronic music with animation which is a collaboration with a close friend of mine from Bangkok university.



Selina Jones, Piano

Surapak Pongtorn, Piano

Main Program

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