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History Of Classical Guitar REpertoire

Tencha Limboo



Mikis Theodorakis

2 Epitafios


J.S. Bach

Prelude, Gavotte en Rondeau and Gigue from BWV 1006a


Enrique Granados

Spanish Dance No.5


Astor Piazzolla

Primavera Portena-


Sergio Assad

Toada and Batuque


Augustine Barrios



Carlos R. Rivera

Whirler of The Dance


This journey began with my curiosity about guitar music and its culture. I began to wonder, “How the instrument developed and the technique as well. In addition, “How the music written for it changed over time?” Therefore, to quell my curiosity, I began my research on how the Guitar first began its journey through the continent of Europe and to Iberia America. Following its etymology. My main goal for this recital is to get people to know more about my instrument. I want to illuminate the very first possible origins of a strummed chordophone instrument until its presence in the modern world. Also highlighting the older instruments that helped pave way for the "modern classical guitar". I hope to shine a light on guitar's very rich history and perhaps inspire others to learn more about the instrument.


Tencha Limboo, Guitar

Main Program

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