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Lexicon of love

Suchunya Tanvichien




Giulio Cesare, Act III, Scene III - "E pur cosi in un giorno ... Piangerò la sorte mia"



Fleur jetée, No. 2, Op. 39



The Medium, Act I - “The Black Swan”



Lakmé, Act I, Scene IV - "Viens, Mallika, ... Dôme épais (Flower Duet)"



Rusalka, Op.114, B.203, Act I - "Mesicku na nebi hlubokém (Song to the Moon)"



Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy)


Throughout the history of western music, the stories of operas often revolve around the same concept: love, tragedy, heartbreak, etc. The thing that has made each of them standout amongst its peers, was their unique meticulously crafted music, each exudes certain charms on their own.


Romantic melodies exist in every age, each tune inspired by different source materials, ranging from old local stories to epic Greek mythologies.


Operas and Lied are one of many types of music that rely heavily on the romance and melodrama that love entails. The composers then had to utilize their musical wits and shrewdness to help them attract the public’s attention.


I present to you, in this concert, a selection of 4 short pieces from 4 different operas and one special song. In this recital, we journey through the stories of heart-wrenching tragedies, of consummate amiable affection, or of an adventurous lengthy journey; In this “LEXICON OF LOVE”.


Suchunya Tanvichien, Soprano

Moragot Cherdchoo-ngarm, Accompanist

Napasorn Lawasinarporn, Accompanist

Pishayatan Sungvornvetchapharn, Soprano

Main Program

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