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Siraphob Maitreesirimongkol




Ballade, Op.288




Density 21.5


Suite de Ballet


This recital started with an inspiration from the album named 'Masterpieces in Miniature' owned by Michael Tilson Thomas and San Francisco Symphony, which is my inspiration for this project. In this album, they rearranged 12 orchestra's pieces into the miniature style which is clear, and simple, but still can create meaningful and inspired performances.

The main idea of miniature works, especially in music, is to represent how we can work with limited spaces and the duration of sounds. Interesting that miniature in our daily life refers to a small object or a reduction scale of an object, but the essence of Miniature's style is how we interpret various perceptions and communicate things by reducing space (size) or duration into concern.

In a musical context, there is a genre called 'Miniature Music', which mentioned before in short duration pieces, such as, Chopin’s preludes. To note that repertoires in this recital are not exactly a ‘Miniature Music’, but it was chosen in order to express the concept of how Miniature play role in a reduction of space and duration.


Siraphob Maitreesirimongkol, Flute

Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm, Piano

Main Program

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