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Khatsara Kit Khongnonkok



F. Decruck

Cantilene for Clarinet and Piano


L. Bassett

Soliloquies for solo Bb Clarinet


C. M. Von Weber

Grand Duo Concertant, Op. 48, J. 204


J. Brahms

Trio in A minor, Op.114, I. Allegro


J. Horovitz

Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano


Nachleben in German means Night life. Of course, our way of life changes with time.

Yet, night life is still very different form day life. There are many things that are not the same.

Each person is different as well. Some people sleep, some people have good dreams or bad dreams (that is another story), some people waiting to go home, some people partying, or someone in thinking about something.


This title represent my own personal behaviour during the night. It takes a lot of nighttime to find that i did something differently each night. Some night, I sleep well. Some nights, I had nightmares. Some night, my thought wanders. Or Some nights, I party. It makes me wonder hoe people around myself live their nights. I asked them and use the information to choose various pieces that represent differences I found form their and my nights. I hope that the audience will see different perspectives on what happened each night.


What about your nights?


Khatsara Kit Khongnonkok, Clarinet

Polish Likhitwatanasad, Cello

Pingka Sirisujinte, Piano

Selina Jones, Piano

Khetsin Chuchan, Piano

Main Program

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