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Kodchakon Chantana



Csaba Zoltán Márjan

Niflheim for marimba solo


Daiki Kato

The Last Game for Percussion Trio


Adi Morag

Octabones for Marimba Duo


Keiko Abe

Prism Rhapsody for marimba solo and Wind Ensemble


Usually , the  prism is a clear coloured crystal that is exposed to light and disperse multi colour shade, But from the interpretation of the author will be replaced prism by " marimba " and the light replaced is author that will represent the music through marimba to show various shades of music.


Kodchakon Chantana ,Marimba


Special Guests

Anupon Cheychum ,Marimba

Maytee Hompasert ,Vibraphone

Tanasit Siripanichwattana ,Conductor

Wind Ensemble

Main Program

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