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The Commonality

Sotida Chairidchai



W. A. Mozart

“Giunse elfin il moment…Deh, vieni non trader” from opera “Le nozze di Figaro”


G. Verdi

“Caro nome” from opera “Rigoletto”


F. Liszt

“Oh Quand je dors”


W. A. Mozart

“Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” from opera “Die Zauberflöte”


W. A. Mozart

“Sorella, cosa dici?…Prenderò quel brunettino” from opera “Cosi fan tutte”


In our life, everything that happen can always be interpreted in different direction and perspective, depends on one decision. So many things in our life that seem terribly differ from one another in many aspects, so often opposite, can be connected somehow, one way or the other. For instance, in mathematics there's arts and also in music, there's mathematics. Speaking of music, we can see that there's so my genre in music but we can always see the connection between differences. Therefore I want to bring pieces from different period and time to point out the differences and the commonality of it.


If we look closely to the classical repertory that musicians have been studying for more than a century, we can see the change in the music through the stand of time, which makes music difference from where it starts. Since time may affect many factors connected to music, state of society, new generation of people, new trends can all affect how one interpret the music. Likewise in the translation of books to a new languages, so often that translators may not translate by using “word by word” translation, instead translators may use a phrase that convey the similar set of ideas which hold similar understanding of that language.


Regardless of all the interpretation that may make music sounded different, there is still the same “core” which connect everything altogether, and that core can trace us back through the history to the very beginning of where it all came from, and to show us that music is indeed, still the same


And no matter how music change, the invaluable existence of music is still, inherent.


***Photo credit : [ Pinterest > Architectural Digest > 15 Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors > ]


Sotida Chairidchai, Soprano

Thamolwan Khumprakob, Soprano

Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm, Pianist

Nattawut Sungkasaro, Bassist

Sotira Chaitidchai, Guest artist

Tantep Chairidchai, Guest artist

Main Program

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