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Classical Soundscape

Phumthana Mu


Saint Saens Violin Concerto No.3 in B minor



Phumthana Mu Violin

Pingka Sirisujinte Piano


My project is about  nature and  sound.
The sounds I capture through recordings  bring me back to some of the places I have been to.
Music has the power to take us to many places in our minds if we let it  happen both as performers and listeners

I want to  reconnect humans with nature as they were back in the earlier parts of our history when people still listened to the natural environment and lived in harmony with the natural world.  For this project, I want to combine instrumental music with natural sounds and explore the connections between my repertoire and the natural world.


I would like to use Soundscape to be used with Classic music to give the audience a wide listening experience with the natural sound of Soundscape. And with Saint-Saëns' songs, there is a touch of European nature. Therefore wanting people to listen to the imagination of The voices that I hear that I hear To listen to the sound of drought and see his own picture So I wanted Soundscape to be able to connect with Classic music. He also wanted to show the Saint-Saëns that the music is sweet. And has a French thought that will get along well The show wants the audience to relax and feel that the body is in nature. By using open listening and understanding of the music trying to convey

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